Mr. Tim Kopatich

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Cellebration Life Sciences, Inc.

Mr. Kopatich was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He has more than twenty years of experience in both domestic and international real estate and finance. His focus has been primarily in the areas of development, finance, and sales and marketing.

Due to his extensive experience is Central and South America, he served a pivotal role as the International Vice President for Bioscience Americas, LLC, a leading provider of stem cell-based therapies in Colombia.

He will play a critical role in Cellebration’s expansion and development of a stem cell treatment center in Costa Rica.

Prior to his time at Bioscience Americas and Cellebration, for the past fifteen years Mr. Kopatich has been involved in investment real estate activities in Des Moines, as well as both the Costa Rican and Colombian real estate markets.  He led a successful residential real estate company in Costa Rica, with annual sales of over $5 million per year, and consulted on the international expansion of multiple companies looking to do business in Latin America.

Mr. Kopatich attended the University of Iowa.